You Bring The Software Vision,

We Take Care Of The Rest

European Based Software Engineers
That Can Build Your Software From Start To Finish And Beyond

A hand picked team of Senior Full Stack .NET Developers that are ready to take on the challenges of your software project.


Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Technical Proof of Concept

Digitally Conceptualise Your Idea

Backend technologies


Relational and Document Databases

frontend technologies



team augmentation

German & European Based Engineers

Available For On Site Visits

Scalable Teams

Testing & Quality Assurance

Performance Testing

Functionality Testing

Usability Testing

Why Choose Us?

Microsoft Focused Full Stack Engineers

We are a team of experienced, well rounded technology engineers with focus on .NET for the backend and React and Angular for the front end. We only work with Senior Full Stack Engineers. Why? Full stack means you are curious, take initiative, and take control of figuring out complex problems. We have a broad set of skills and are not afraid to take on challenges.

Work With The Best

We have dozens of years of experience at the most senior level of expertise. We can send native German based engineers onsite to your location to make sure you can look that developer in the eye, and know that you can trust the person that you’re going to work with. While we don’t work onsite full time – our experience is that this is counter productive for all tasks except coordination – we will take the time to visit your offices based on your needs.

We Scale With You

We’re highly scalable. As your needs grow, we can grow with you, while also managing all of the technical details that go along with finding the best technical talent. We are not headhunters, or a software agency. We’re hard core German and remote based engineers that work in cohesive modular units so that we can easily manage and scale to your custom based needs.

Long Term Commitment

Many of our clients have been with us for years. Some as long as a whole decade. That statement alone should tell you the level of commitment we have to our clients.

Need An Expert Solution?

Contact us to tell us about your specific needs.