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But so are the concerns about your infrastructure?

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Incomplete or no Cloud Strategy?

Are you still running everything from the single server that you ordered when you started out? Maybe even Prod and Test on the same machine?

Don't you know whether you should use AWS, Azure or Google Cloud? Kubernetes or native cloud services? Or host some or even all parts on-premise but in a scalable way via Kubernetes or Docker Swarm?

Together, we will assess your current situation, future requirements and your budget constraints and we will create a comprehensive cloud strategy for you.

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Google Cloud
Docker Swarm
Cloud Strategy
Cloud Infrastructure

Struggling to set up your cloud infrastructure?

Don't have the time to research Best Practices for a modern cloud infrastructure?

Are you unsure about how to securely set it up?

Are you missing the resources to make sure your infrastructure is future proof and allows for later upgrades or pivots?

Our infrastructures are based in industry best practices and consider a future upgrade path right from the start.

We are using Infrastructure as Code to ensure that your infrastructure is versioned and reproducible, just like the builds of your software.

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Infrastructure as Code
Auto Scaling
CI/CD Pipelines
High Availability

No system observability?

Has it happened that you learned about a downtime of your system from your customers instead of your monitoring?

Do you know which parts of your system cause the most resource usage?

Can you identify the exact payload of a failed request?

Can you follow a request from one service to another and have a complete view including log entries and timing?

We will set up the required infrastructure that allows these insights.

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Centralized Logging
Distributed Tracing
System Observability
Backup and Disaster Recovery

No backup or disaster recovery plan?

Do you have automated backups of your data? And even if you do, have you ever tried a restore, so you know it will work? Are you repeating this after every major change to your infrastructure or software?

Do you have a proven step-by-step plan that you can follow in case of a disaster?

Are your Enterprise clients requesting strict SLAs and you don't know how to fulfill them?

We will analyze your needs and implement automated backups and a disaster recovery strategy.

Along with automated, regular restores and checklists to follow.

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Automated Backups
Disaster Recovery Plan
Regular Test Restores

Our Approach

Unique Subscription Model

Monthly flat fee

No hidden fees or complex pricing.

Full access to our complete range of services.

Unlimited tasks

You can add as many tasks as you like.

One active task

We will work on one active task at any given time. Two when you book Premium.

Async work model

You enter the task, we will work on them completely async, reducing wasted time through meetings and coordinating them.

One sync call per month

Sometimes, a sync call is needed, so we will have one each month. You decide on the date and time.

Ultimate Flexibility

Modify tasks anytime

Modify tasks based on changing needs. Add details or requirements.

Change priorities and activate a different task.

Detailed or high-level tasks welcome

If necessary, we will refine and split tasks.

Pause anytime

Pause subscription anytime, if you run out of work for us. The remainder of the month will not go to waste.

Resume, when you need us again.

No long-term contract

You can cancel at any time to end the subscription after the current month. You will not be charged again.

Long-term Partnership

Aligned incentives

Without long-term contracts locking you in, we will have to provide value each and every month to retain your trust and business.

Risk-free start

The first month is entirely risk-free for you. If you are unhappy with the results, you can request a 100% refund.


Without quotes or defined scope, we are your reliable and adaptable partner even when your needs change.


Our monthly DevOps subscription with one active task at any time.

€2,995 per

This includes:

Our full range of services
Unlimited tasks
One active task at any time
One sync call per month
Pause anytime
Cancel monthly
Risk free: 100% refund after first month if you are unhappy


Our monthly DevOps subscription with two active tasks at any time.

€4,995 per

This includes:

Our full range of services
Unlimited tasks
Two active tasks at any time
One sync call per month
Pause anytime
Cancel monthly
Risk free: 100% refund after first month if you are unhappy

Questions? Let's talk!

Not sure if we’re the right fit for you?

Book a call, and let’s figure it out together.

There’s no sales talk, just a straightforward chat about your situation.

This includes:

No-pressure call
Assessment of your current situation

Frequently Asked Questions

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